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Foundation Kiril Vajarov

Sofia, Bulgaria, 10 Zelena livada Str.
e-mail: foundation@vajarov.org

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Купа Кирил Въжаров

Foundation "Kiril Vajarov"

Foundation for development and support of children and youth ice hockey in Bulgaria - "Kiril Vajarov" was established on September 8, 2009 in memory of Kiril Vajarov, goalkeeper of the Bulgarian men’s national ice-hockey teaм and Ice hockey club Slavia, who was killed in a particularly cruel way near to the symbol of justice- „The Court of Justice” in Sofia.

The Foundation's objectives are:
Means of achieving these objectives are:

To achieve these objectives, the Foundation works closely with the Bulgarian Ice Hockey Federation, the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports and all organizations that want a better future for the children of Bulgaria.

The Foundation’s activities are financed by donations from organizations and individuals.